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About Our Company

LA New York Restoration has been in business over 15 years, proudly serving New York 5-boroughs in exterior restorations, roofing, waterproofing and masonry. We’re a team of highly skilled individuals who are certified, insured and licensed riggers.

Specialized masonry, stone repair and reconstruction. Exterior restoration, landmark restoration, high quality precast stone work by expert masons with over 20 years experience. We are the #1 contractor of choice for Church stone restoration in the New York and surrounding areas.

NYC roofing and waterproofing

High quality materials used for waterproofing commercial buildings, siding, rooftops, skylights, and ventilation. We stand behind our work, using over 20 years of experience we only use the latest techniques and technological advances to secure your property from water damage to create long lasting waterproofing.


Nobody does it better than LANY Restoration when it comes to roofing, our expert team with over 20 years experience have mastered waterproofing and sealing rooftops for harsh New York weather. Certified with many partners to warranty 10-25 years with most lasting much longer.

4 great reasons

to choose LANY

Warrantied & Guaranteed

Quality contracting for guaranteed longevity. Quality materials bring extended guarantees. Working closely with all the major manufacturers we trust, we provide long guarantees and manufacturer warranty. Beginning at 10 years and going up to 25 years.

Quality Materials

All the materials we use have very long life expectancy. Essentially, they are intended to last far longer than the guarantees currently available. Additionally, we can advise on the best materials for each job.

Latest techniques

With over 20 years in the business we’re constantly perfecting our techniques, using the latest technology and ensuring our work can handle anything New York weather throws at it.

Clean DCA Record

After over 15 years in business we proudly have a clean NYC Department of Consumer Affairs contractor license on file. LA New York Restoration Corp. stands behind each and every project with the utmost confidence that the exterior restoration services we provide will stand up to the fiercest of weather conditions for years to come.

LA New York Restoration
is a full service masonry
company in New York:

commercial & residential

For over 20 years we’ve worked on all types of projects, there’s no project too big or small; from landmark building exterior renovations, to churches, large condos, and residences.

brick & stone matching

We’re masters at matching bricks, stones, concretes, and cements to restore all types of buildings to their original styles. LANY Restoration is certified by the manufacturers of products we use for brick and precast custom stone restoration.

junk removal

Don’t worry about clean up and scaffolding, we’ve got you covered. State insured and fully licensed to properly and safely remove all materials and restore your building’s exterior to it’s original state.


Our latest waterproofing techniques come with guarantees from the manufacturer for long-lasting water-free seals. That is why manufacturers certify us in this field and we stand proudly behind all of our work.

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Luis Labarca, CEO of LA New York Restoration Corp.

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